Shure solutions for conferencing and meetings!

Shure lets you hear and speak freely — from the boardroom to the classroom. With audio solutions that are straightforward to set up, user friendly and built to last, our innovative and complete systems allow you to make the most of every meeting.


Why choose Shure?


• One-stop solutions for all your audio needs, from simple to complex, small to large.

• Extraordinary collaboration experiences you can customize for any user, space, or application.

• Long heritage and technical leadership in high-quality audio, acoustics, wireless, DSP, software, and audio networking.

• Compatibility and certification with leading software and hardware collaboration platforms.

• Award-winning global support infrastructure.


Ecosystem comparsion 

Microflex Ecosystem

A full range of networked standard, array, and wireless microphones, combined with hardware and software DSPs, and loudspeakers deliver precise audio coverage and the highest level of performance for AV conferencing, sound reinforcement, and recording applications even in the most demand- ing and complex spaces.

  • Best-In-Class technology

A comprehensive portfolio of precision-engineered hardware, enabled and enhanced by powerful software tools, set the benchmark for the highest quality collaboration experiences.

  • Solutions for every room 

From small collaborative spaces to the largest multi-purpose rooms, Microflex® Ecosystem solutions deliver adaptable and immensely scalable audio for any space, providing a single technology platform that can be used throughout your organization.

  • Endlessly flexible & fully configurable

The end-to-end, fully networked and software-controlled system architecture can be customized and tailored to meet the widest variety of environments, applications, and user needs.

  • Certified & secure

Certification from Shure Technology Partners ensures seamless interoperability when completing your Microflex Ecosystem with add-on collaboration, video, camera, and control solutions. Shure Audio Encryption provides secure audio connections between Shure devices and safeguards content without compromising audio quality.


Stem Ecosystem

Networked wall and table speakerphones, ceiling microphone array, loudspeakers and dedicated control systems that can be mixed and matched into any room and meeting style, so all meeting participants can speak freely and experience exceptional audio in every conference call.

  • Advanced technology made simple 

A suite of components that combine superior sound quality, intuitive design, and convenient controls provide a scalable solution for meeting rooms of all shapes, sizes, and layouts.

  • Flexible audio that just works 

Define your ideal conferencing audio solution by mixing and matching Stem EcosystemTM devices to create the perfect pick-up in any room so you can speak freely in your meetings.

  • Platform tools

From design to implementation and management, Stem Ecosystem solutions are backed by a robust platform full of tools to make the process of adopting new technology effortless, every step of the way.

  • Plays nice with others 

Compatible with your favorite leading video conferencing platforms and collaboration technologies, the Stem Ecosystem platform provides a seamless and intuitive user interface to manage virtual meetings at your fingertips.

  Microflex Ecosystem Stem Ecosystem
In a nutshell You need Shure’s Microflex Ecosystem solutions if you require best-in- class performance with specific audio components that can be precisely tailored by a professional systems integrator to provide AV conferencing, sound reinforcement, recording, or voice lift in more demanding or fully integrated meeting spaces. You need Shure’s Stem Ecosystem solutions if you want a straightforward yet comprehensive audio and control solution for video conferencing that you can install with your in-house team, or with professional support for larger deployments, in standard meeting rooms that don’t have special requirements.


Target use cases


  Microflex Ecosystem Stem Ecosystem
Core Applications AV Conferencing, Sound Reinforcement, Recording, Voice Lift AV Conferencing
Environments Complex, custom, architecturally or acoustically challenging rooms; Premium and high-end environments Simple / standard rooms that are reasonably consistent and don’t present unique challenges
AV Project Scope & Lifecycle

1) New build, consultant- or architect-led project

2) Organization-wide technology refresh or upgrade

3) Reasonably long delivery timeline and dedicated skilled staff resources

4) Global standards with one platform to support any and all audio needs

1) Existing room upgrade

2) Large-scale roll-out or upgrade of standard rooms

3) Rapid deployment at scale and limited skilled staff resources

4) Global standards for majority of smaller to mid-size rooms

Budget You are prepared to invest in a premium, best-in-class solution You are looking for an easy and affordable solution

Technology Requirements


  Microflex Ecosystem Stem Ecosystem
Audio Performance Best available level of performance Good audio quality, far superior to typical all-in-one devices and other ‘good enough’ solutions
Room Acoustics Challenging acoustic conditions such as noticeable ambient noise or reverberation Acceptable acoustics that do not pose significant challenges to good audio
Audio Coverage

1) Precisely-defined audio coverage in all or key areas of the room

2) Complementary wireless audio for presenters or Q&A

1) Uniform audio coverage throughout the room

2) Presenter or Q&A microphones are not required


1) Supports software and hardware AV conferencing platforms

2) Usually integrated with camera tracking systems, display solutions, room control systems etc.

3) Scope and complexity of the system make professional installation essential

1) Supports software AV conferencing platforms only

2) Straightforward, self-sufficient solution that typically operates standalone or with minimal third-party components (USB cameras, external speakers)

3) Professional installation is only required for more complex or larger deployments


1) Fully certified for a variety of AV conferencing platforms and add-on AV systems

2) Certification is important

1) Compatible with leading AV conferencing platforms

2) Certification is not an essential requirement

Security High-priority because of the confidential nature of your work Not a deciding factor


If you need a consultation or demonstration of sound equipment do not hesitate to contact A&T Trade Professional specialists:

  • Imants Cīrulis ( ; 67315600)
  • Ruslans Grigorjevs ( ; 67315600)


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