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KORG Pandora PX5D guitar effects processor

ID: A007182, Vendor code: PX5D
€ 268.40 € 124.00

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Back in the 1990s, the first Korg Pandora placed its indelible stamp on the pocket multi-effects processor category. Today, Pandora is still king of the category. Today's highly-evolved Korg PX5D is your personal rehearsal hall, an all-hours amp shop, your own audio recording suite as well as your digital doorway to the modern studio. And best of all, the battery-powered PX5D still fits in your pocket, so your great sound is always with you.



Big for Its Size

Despite its compact size, the Pandora PX5D is laid out with game-controller efficiency--so you can spend more time playing and less time wishing you were already playing! Modern and up to date, the PX5D serves double duty as a stereo USB audio interface, allowing you convenient access to audio recording software on your computer.

High-Quality "REMS" Based Effects
Korg's "REMS" Modeling Technology has been widely acclaimed for its natural, authentic sound quality. A total of 180 effect types are available in the Pandora PX5, divided into seven categories that match the seven effect modules that are simultaneously available.


  • Dynamics
    This section includes everything from simple compression to advanced algorithms that can emulate a humbucking sound from a single coil pickup (or vice-versa); transform an electric guitar into an acoustic timbre, add a fretless character to any bass sound; plus a series of wahs and auto-wahs.

  • AMP Modeling
    In addition to some of the most popular and widely recorded amps, the PX5D multi-effects processor includes a number of rare and boutique amplifier models--everything from the ubiquitous VOX AC30 to a US Hi-Gain (think snakeskin) amp. A total of 15 guitar amps and 11 bass amps are all delivered with spot-on accuracy. Bass synth and Guitar Synth models are also featured in the PX5D.

  • Cabinet Simulations
    Matching the right amp to the right cabinet is a necessity for capturing a classic tone. But go ahead and mix and match to build your own custom "virtual" rig. From a single 8" tweed to a 4 x 15" mammoth, the PX5d has it all.

  • Modulation Effects
    You name it, Pandora has it--phasers, flangers, choruses, filter sweeps, U-Vibes, tremolos, intelligent pitch shifting, rotary speaker, auto-panning. Best of all, each effect can be tweaked to your own personal preference.

  • Delay Settings
    Five Delay effects--each with five variations relating to feedback amount--are available in this Pandora PX5D multi-effects processor. Delay time is conveniently set using the Tap key on the front panel and a versatile Reverse Delay is onboard.

  • Reverbs
    Eleven Reverb algorithms place the final ambience and sheen on your sound.

  • Noise Reduction
    Keep your sound clean--and silent in between songs.

100 Presets, 100 user programs
Seventy Guitar Presets and Thirty Bass Presets are ready and waiting to get you started with your new Korg PX5D. For those who like to make their sound their own, 100 User Program location are available for storing your custom settings. Using the Software Editor Librarian provides faster, graphic editing and allows you to build up libraries of custom patches. A simple USB cable provides the connection to your computer.

Clean panel design for intuitive control
With almost gamer styling, the PX5D is an easy-to-operate multi-effects processor. A four-way cursor to the left and a recessed dial to the right combine for easy navigation of the backlit LCD screen. For the amplifier traditionalist, dedicated thumb wheels across the top offer real-time control of Gain, Bass, Treble and Volume. Four Program Memory buttons keep your favorite programs close at hand! An adapter cable is included, allowing two optional footswitches to be connected to the PX5D for hands-free operation.

Drummer and bassist included
128 accurate and professional Rhythm & Bass groove patterns are built in to your Korg PX5D--including simple "click-track" style metronome beats. The Rhythm patterns have three variations, so you can find the one you like. Use the Tap key to set the tempo to anything from 40 to 240 Beats per Minute (BPM). Both Major and Minor bass lines are included with each groove, and you can set the Bass Key to any note. Up to sixteen patterns can be strung together into one of twenty chains--an excellent feature for writing a new tune, practicing a part or crafting that killer solo--in context!

The world outside
Connect an MP3 player, CD, USB or other external audio source to the AUX IN jack and you can play along. Wrong key? Use the Key Transpose function to change the pitch of the song into any musical key. For the bassist, the PX5D multi-effects processor also contains a Bass Cancelling function that removes the bass sound from an external audio source so that you can play and hear your bass along with the song.

Repeat as necessary
Phrase Training is a fun feature for learning difficult material or for working on solos. You can record up to 80 seconds of audio from any external source and play it back repeatedly (looped) at a slower speed--without changing the pitch. This is a great way to learn complex or rapid passages by ear, since you will be able to hear the phrase slowly. You can also record yourself chording along with the built-in rhythm and bass accompaniment, and then practice your soloing skills.

Digital USB doorway
In its off hours, the Pandora PX5D moonlights as USB audio interface for all your computer needs, offering two-channel audio communication to and from your Mac or PC.

What's in the Box
Korg PX5D, Owner's manual, Two AA alkaline batteries, Strap holder, CD-ROM, Footswitch adapter cable, Rubber feet


Product Description


The all new KORG Pandora PX5D Multi-effects Processor for Guitar and Bass is the first ever USB equipped Pandora. In addition to hundreds of great effects and practice tracks, the PX5D USB and bundled recording software provides a totally complete guitar/bass recording interface! The Korg PANDORA series is famous for packing dozens of realistic modeling effects and a multitude of versatile functions into a pocket-sized unit. Korg is proud to announce the new PANDORA PX5D, optimized to work with your computer as a powerful recording tool. This new multi-effect processor for guitar and bass is the first in the PANDORA series to provide a USB/audio interface for direct connection to your desktop or laptop computer. The PX5D can be plugged into a computer and used in conjunction with your audio sequencer software  to easily make CD-quality recordings. The new PX5D joins Korg’s respected PANDORA series, famous for packing high-quality sounds and ease of use into a pocket size unit; easy to enjoy anywhere and anytime. The PX5D provides a total of 180 realistic and wide-ranging effects created using Korg’s world-acclaimed, proprietary 'REMS' modeling technology. Included are simulations that recreate classic vintage and modern, high-gain amps, as well as effects ranging from the familiar to the unique. Numerous effects designed specifically for bass are also included, making the PX5D a great choice not only for the guitarist but for the bassist as well. In a first for the PANDORA series, a USB-MIDI/USB audio interface is also provided, allowing you to use the PX5D with your computer to transfer audio data or record into your DAW software. There’s also dedicated editor/librarian software that lets you edit and manage programs from your computer. All the classic features you have come expect from the PANDORA are also present, to help the guitarist or bassist practice, perform and record.




  • eFECTS 180 types; up to seven available simultaneously in a single program
  • DYNAMIC PROGRAMS: Comp, Dynaexc, Vox Wah, Wahup1, Wahup2, Wahdwn1, Wahdwn2, Slowatk, Ac Sim, Reso, Octave, Ring, Ringup, Ringdwn, Crusher, Hum>Sgl, Sgl>Hum, Hf Tone, Phasout, B Comp, Limiter, B Od, B Dist, B Fuzz, Preamp1, Preamp2, Balance, Lowcut, Fretless
  • AMP MODELSBtq Cln, Btq Od, Twd1x12, Twd4x10, Blk2x12, Ac15, Ac15tb, Ac30, Ac30tb, Ukblues, Uk‚70s, Uk‚80s, Uk‚90s, Uk Mdn, Us Hi-G, Us Mdn, Fuzz, Octfuzz, Valve1, Valve2, Classic, Scooped, La Stud, Goldpnl, Jazz, Studio, Ac100, Ukmajor, Gsynth1, Gsynth2, Gsynth3, Bsynth1, Bsynth2, Bsynth3
  • CABINET SIMULATIONS1x8 Twd, 2x10 Blk, 4x10 Twd, 1x12 Twd, 1x12 VOX, 2x12 Blk, 2x12 VOX, 4x12 VOX, 4x12 Cls, 4x12 Mdn, 4x12 Vin, LA 4x10, MDN 4x10, MTL 4x10, CLS 8x10, UK 4x12, STU 1x15, JAZ 1x15, AC 2x15, US 2x15, UK 4x15, LA 1x18, Combi
  • MODULATION EFFECTS Chorus1, Chorus2, Flange1, Flange2, Flange3, Flange4, Phaser1, Phaser2, Phaser3, 12str, U-Vibe1, U-Vibe2, Trem1, Trem2, Trem3, At Pan1, At Pan2, Rotary1, Rotary2, Rotary3, Pitch1, Pitch2, Pitch3, Pitch4, Maj3up, Maj3dwn, Min3up, Min3dwn, Per4th, Per5th, Maj6th, Feedbk1, Feedbk2, Feedbk3, Feedbk4, Filter, Filtup1, Filtup2, Filtdn1, Filtdn2, Talk1, Talk2, Talk3, Talk4, Random1, Random2, Random3, Random4, Drone1, Drone2, Env Pit, Env Cho, Inffln1, Inffln2, Infpit1, I Nfpit2
  • DELAY SETTINGS Slap1, Slap2, Slap3, Slap4, Slap5, Echo1, Echo2, Echo3, Echo4, Echo5, Clr Dly1, Clr Dly2, ClrDly3, Clr Dly4, Clr Dly5, Ppdly1, Ppdly2, Ppdly3, Ppdly4, Ppdly5, Multi1, Multi2, Multi3, Multi4, Multi5, Rvs Dly

  • REVERBS Dryair, Wetair, Room1, Room2, Plate1, Plate2, Hall1, Hall2, Spring1, Spring2, Bright
  • NOISE REDUCTION One program
  • NUMBER OF PROGRAMS: User: 100 Preset: 100
  • INPUTS: Guitar input (1/4" jack)  AUX (mini stereo jack) Footswitch (mini stereo, with adapter cable)
  • OUTPUT: Line/headphone dual-purpose output (stereo phone jack)
  • USB: Mini Type B connector (AUDIO; MIDI)
  • TUNER SECTION: Detection range: 27.5 Hz-2,093 Hz (A0-C7)Calibration: A = 438 Hz-445 Hz

  • RHYTHM SECTION: 128 RHYTHM & BASS PATTERNS (744 Variations): Mtronm0, Mtronm2, Mtronm3, Mtronm4, Mtronm5, Mtronm6, Mtronm7, Mtronm9, 8beat1, 8beat2, 8beat3, 16beat1, 16beat2, 16beat3, 16beat4, 16beat5, 16btsw1, 16btsw2, 16btsw3, 16btsw4, 16btsw5, 2/4 1, 2/4 2, 2/4 3, 2/4 4, 2/4 5, 2/4 6, 2/4 7, 3/4 1, 3/4 2, 3/4 3, 3/4swg1, 3/4swg2, 5/4, 3/8 1, 3/8 2, 5/8, 6/8 1, 6/8 2, 6/8 3, 6/8 4, 7/8 1, 7/8 2, 9/8, Pop1, Pop2, Rock1, Rock2, Rock3, Rock4, Rock5, R‚N‚R, Metal1, Metal2, Metal3, Metal4, R‚N‚B1, R‚N‚B2, R‚N‚B3, R‚N‚B4, Blues1, Blues2, 8blues, Bluesfl, Country, Cntrys1, Cntrys2, Jazz1, Jazz2, Jazz3, Jazz4, Fnkrck1, Fnkrck2, Hvyfunk, Jb 1, Jb 2, Njckswg, Motown1, Motown2, Motown3, Motown4, Surf, Reggae1, Reggae2, Reggae3, Bolero, Disco1, Disco2, Disco3, Gogo1, Gogo2, Gogo3, House1, House2, House3, D‚N‚B 1, D‚N‚B 2, Ska1, Ska2, Ska3, 2ndline, Fills01, Fills02, Fills03, Fills04, Fills05, Fills06, Fills07, Fills08, Fills09, Fills10, Fills11, Fills12, 3/4fils, Latin1, Latin2, Bossa1, Bossa2, Samba1, Samba2, Rumba, Afro1, Afro2, Clypso1, Clypso2, Songo, Lp Ii, Lp Iii
  • POWER SUPPLY: Two AA alkaline batteries, Allows 7 hours of continuous use (backlight OFF), Allows 5 hours of continuous use (backlight ON), USB Bus PowerOptional AC adapter model(405012500/KA-193 4.5V 500ma Center Pin +)
  • DIMENSIONS: (W x D x H) 4.65" x 2.95" x 0.79"
  • WEIGHT: 0.34lbs. (not including batteries)
  • INCLUDED ITEMS: Owner's manual, Two AA alkaline batteries, Footswitch adapter cable, Rubber feet
  • OPTION:  AC adapter, PS-1 Pedal Switch


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