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IBANEZ PM7 El. guitar/bass effect pedal, Phase Modulator, Multi-function phaser

ID: 65619, Vendor code: PM7
€ 79.05 € 49.00

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The Ibanez PM7 from the Tone-Lok Series features 3 types of wave forms combined with 3 phase modes to deliver a range of sounds from classic phase to 21st century DJ-style effects. 

On the outside, Tone-Lok effects are equipped with the Ibanez exclusive "set and forget" Push-Lok rotary pots. Push the knobs down and your tone settings lock securely inside the case—no more lost settings or broken knobs. 

On the inside, Tone-Lok pedals feature hi-fidelity components carefully tweaked with the constant input from a new generation of Ibanez players. And all this great stuff comes encased in cool looking, road-tough metal boxes at prices the working player can afford. 



  • 3 wave form types
  • 3 phase modes
  • Controls for speed, depth, manual, and feedback
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