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Yamaha FP8500C single pedal

ID: 3047562, Vendor code: JFP8500C
€ 171.82 € 165.00

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Frame Structure: This Yamaha original design incorporates a sub-frame just below the rocker shaft to deliver greater stability and durability. Drummers will experience smoother, more stable movement particularly in double pedal setups since bearings for both the main and remote beaters are incorporated into the sub-frame.


  • Beater Shaft Locker

  • Beater Angle Adjustment

  • Spring Tension Adjustment with Self Lock

  • Simple Hoop Clamp Mechanism

  • Spring Roller with Built-in Bearings

  • Base Frame Tie Rods

  • Longer Footboard

  • Chain Drive



Beater Shaft Locker



The teardrop shaped shaft hole holds the shaft securely. The shaft's flat surface keeps the 2-way beater from swiveling while playing.



Beater Angle Adjustment

Loosening the adjustment screw lets you freely adjust the beater angle along with the footboard angle.



Spring Tension Adjustment with Self Lock



One hand spring tension adjustment is easy. A lock bolt secures the setting to prevent loosening during play.



Simple Hoop Clamp Mechanism




A wing bolt firmly tightens the clamp for secure attachment. It also allows the clamp to accommodate different hoop thicknesses.



Spring Roller with Built-in Bearings



Precision bearings deliver smooth, natural pedal action.



Base Frame Tie Rods

Rubber coated tie rod ends prevent the footboard and base frame from becoming disconnected.



Longer Footboard



The Footboard of FP8500C is longer than of FP9500C.



Chain Drive



  • Design/Architecture Detail
  • Yamaha Base Plate
  • Yamaha's Flame Design
  • BD Hoop Clamp System
  • Patternless Footboard
  • Long Footboard
  • Tear Drop Beater Shaft Rocker
  • Beater Angle Adjustment
  • Spring Roller with Bearings
  • Spring Tension Adjustment Lock System
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Yamaha FP8500C single pedal

€ 171.82 € 165.00