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AKAI Professional X Loopcloud

Until 31st October 2018, Buy MPK Mini MKII or MPK Mini MKII LE White and Receive an exclusive 1.5GB sound library from Loopcloud plus a voucher, redeemable via Loopcloud or the Loopmasters site.

Your production demands premium in-demand sound content for immediate creative inspiration, period. Until the 31st October 2018, new and existing users of MPK Mini MKII or MPK Mini MKII LE White will receive an exclusive genre-spanning 1.5GB sound library from Loopcloud plus a voucher, redeemable via Loopcloud or the Loopmasters site. From deep-driving basslines and ethereal chords to sultry melodics and hard-hitting drums, Loopcloud guarantees to take your production to new unchartered heights whilst seamlessly providing the perfect platform to spark that critical initial idea. Intelligent tagging, full auditioning facilities, automatic key-matching and an ultra-intuitive GUI combine to give your real-time access to millions of samples, all from within your DAW of choice.


MPK Mini MKII and MPK Mini MKII LE White | Take Control, Wherever you go!
Go mobile without losing control. Akai Professional’s limited edition MPK Mini MKII LE White and MPK Mini MKII are ultra-compact keyboard controllers designed for the traveling musician and the desktop producer. With a cluster of production-centric in-demand hardware controls coupled with a slim-line ultraportable footprint, MPK Mini MKII and MPK Mini MKII LE White let you record, compose and perform with virtual instruments, effect plugins and DAWs whenever inspiration strikes.

Loopcloud - Audition Millions of Sounds Directly in your DAW 

Loopcloud is a cloud-connected application for browsing, streaming and importing your samples, loops and sounds effortlessly into your DAW. With Loopcloud, instantly search through an immense catalogue of samples tagged for genre, key, type and more; time-stretch and pitch-shift audio in real time to audition within your project; you can even audition one-shot sample with pre-set rhythms, all in complete sync with your project. So how can Loopcloud change up your workflow?

Audition Millions of Sounds

  • Loopcloud 2.0 is out now, and it lets you audition the award-winning Loopmasters catalogue in your DAW, in perfect sync with your projects for free! Now you can preview millions of sounds made by the world’s top artists – whether you own them or not – directly from the cloud. Only pay for what you need; when you’re ready to commit simply drag straight into your project!


Buy Individual Samples, Selections or Whole Packs

  • The world of music is changing, and so is Loopmasters. Loopcloud 2.0 makes it possible to buy just the individual samples you’ve auditioned, as well as full packs or folders of sounds. Simple, seamless and hassle Free! Preview sounds right inside the app – no need to open a browser or download and unzip.


Auto Keymatch and Better Tagging

  • With comprehensive updates to tagging and navigation, Loopcloud 2.0 makes it even easier to find the sounds you’re looking for. With the new Auto Keymatch function, any sample can be automatically transposed, making it fit your host project regardless of its original key.


Seamless Integration

  • Loopcloud 2.0 now connects to your DAW automatically, updates on its own and works 4x faster. Improved optimisations across the board make Loopcloud more intuitive, inspirational and, most importantly, it speed up your workflow!


Free Sounds for Everyone

  • Every week, each user gets a healthy dose of track-making material added to their collection, just by launching Loopcloud.


The Ultimate Duo!
With Loopcloud and Akai Professional joining forces, MPK Mini MKII’s sheer portability and the convenience of this immense cloud-based sample management and cataloguing system provides musicians and producers with the ultimate means for unrestricted mobile production on the go! Change up your workflow and experience the next generation in sample management with Loopcloud and MPK Mini MKII – you won’t be disappointed!


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